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Financial Life Skills

Not sure how to secure your financial future? This fun but informative presentation teaches students how to take control of their finances and prepare for life after college.

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Corporate Education

Want to advance your career and contribute more at work? Attend the “Finance for Non-Financial Managers” seminars to understand the basics of corporate finance.

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Custom Education

Need a specific training program tailored for your employees? I can create custom education programs using your financial statements and internal documents so that your employees can apply their knowledge immediately.

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Featured Program ~ Financial Life Skills

"Your GPS for Financial Success"

Give your students the gift of financial empowerment! My proven program gives students the knowledge they need to successfully navigate the road to financial freedom.

The 90-minute presentation covers:

  • The importance of separating your budget into “buckets”
  • The power of compound interest
  • Advantages/disadvantages of your retirement account options
  • How to decide where to invest your money to achieve your goals

By highlighting the mistakes that I made when I was their age, students learn serious life skills in a fun, safe environment. Students have shared that this format makes the information easy to understand and helps them get past their fears about financial planning. They leave the auditorium inspired to take action as soon as they get home!

Right Program ~ Right Time ~ Right Outcomes

Budget Buckets


Delivering high impact financial education programs on both corporate and personal finance.

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